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How to book

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You can send your request to our email address: info@rigatransfers.lv or by visiting our contact page and fill the form. Our 24/7 customer service attendants will reply you within the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, if you prefer to make your transfer reservation with Riga Transfers by telephone, you can use our phone contact. The numbers are +371 29277647. In order to finalize you have to send us an email concerning your arrival details.

Once your booking is completed, you can decide to make payment by:

Paying by bank transfer

To make it easier, Riga Transfer offers bank transfer. It will be our utmost pleasure to handle your reservation request and provide the invoice (s) for our services. Immediately payment is received for your requested transfer, we will send you an email confirming the payment. Note that the confirmation through email is only sent once the payment is received. All transfer made through abank can reach us before the actual transfer date.

Paying in cash

Secondly, you may decide to pay your booking by cash. Our representative can meet you at the home or your location. Nevertheless, in the course of reserving your transfer, your bank card details will be required. The reason for asking for your bank details is to cover every working hours and traveling cost in the event where we go to the airport and you didn’t show up. In such situation, the money covering such cost will be deducted from your bank.

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